Rockefeller Family Office Room 5600

One of the oldest family offices in the us it stood. Family and personal photographs include invidividual formal and informal portraits group portraits and events as well as rockefeller family homes a selection of images of his.

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The corporate financial and personal affairs of the family numbering around 150 blood relatives of john d.

Rockefeller family office room 5600. For decades the rockefeller billions were quietly run out of room 5600 a suite on the 56th floor of rocke feller center in midtown new york. Room 5600 was never just a room and once spanned three floors in 30 rockefeller center. In particular the family s office took up room 5600 on the entire 56th floor while the family s rockefeller foundation took up the entire floor below and two other organizations supported by the rockefellers also moved into the building.

It comprises three floors of the ge building in rockefeller center. Rockefeller at spelman college 1954 september box 4 folder 45 nelson a. All information about the rockefellers is stored in either sensitive or public files.

The public relations operation in room became especially effective. From room 5600 the family s far flung finances and public were professionally managed. Rockefeller at michigan state college commencement 1951 june 3 box 4 folder 44 nelson a.

Rockefeller looking at portrait of his mother. Rockefeller s life and career including his personal professional and political activities. Rockefeller nelson a photographs room 5600 rockefeller family office series 2 page 10 nelson a.

Rockefeller are run from the family office room 5600 known officially as rockefeller family and associates. The offices which attracted visitors including the likes of frank sinatra and nelson mandela were. This series of photographs originating from the rockefeller family office room 5600 comprehensively documents nelson a.