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linux - Can yum tell me which of my repositories.

We may need to install some old packages such as the kernel in our Linux box. Let’s use installing a older version of Linux kernel in Fedora as the example to introduce how to install old packages from the repository using yum. Since Yum uses the RPM package manager for handling packages, the package names are based on the RPM package label format. In the above example, the first column indicates the package name & it's architecture and the second column shows the version of the package. Yumdb is not installed by default. You need to install yum-utils package to use yumdb command. $ sudo yum install yum-utils. Now, use yumdb command to list the installed packages from a particular repository. $ yumdb search from_repo epel. The above command will display the installed packages from EPEL repository.

This brief tutorial explains how to install packages from a specific repository from command line in Unix-like operating systems. This can be useful when a certain package is not available from the official repositories or you just wanted to install the most recent version of a package from a specific third-party repository. You need to pass the repolist option to the yum command. This option will show you a list of configured repositories under RHEL / Fedora / SL / CentOS Linux. The default is to list all enabled repositories. Pass -v verbose mode optionn for more information is listed. This post looks at how to list the installed packages with YUM from the command line for YUM based Linux distributions, such as CentOS and Fedora. It’s very simple: yum list installed This will result in a list of all installed packages in case-sensitive alphabetical order, like in the following example. Reports the yum version number and installed package versions for everything in history_record_packages can be added to by plugins. --showduplicates Doesn't limit packages to their latest versions in the info, list and search commands will also affect plugins which use the doPackageLists API.

By default yum keeps all the repository enabled package data in /var/cache/yum/ with each sub-directory, to clean all cached files from enabled repository, you need to run the following command regularly to clean up all the cache and make sure that there is nothing unnecessary space is using. We don’t want to give the output of the below. Let's create a yum repository for better understanding. Let's create a yum repository from the packages that we have in the Red Hat/Centos installation DVD. Creating a YUM repository will help you to understand the concept of a YUM repository closely. Incorrect version of Node package in Yum repo 340. psaint opened this issue Jul 28, 2016 · 28 comments Labels. waiting on response from NodeSource. Comments. Copy link Quote reply psaint commented Jul 28, 2016. Version: 4.x; Platform: CentOS 6.7; Yum repo for version 4.x do not have NodeJS in version 4.x but instead it has version 0.10.x. I have followed instructions on. Usually, when you install a package in CentOS and Ubuntu, the package management software selects the latest package version from the repository, by default. However, sometimes, for one reason or the other, you may want to install a specific package version on your Linux system.

02/08/2017 · The git version packaged in the CentOS 7.3 repository is 4 years old. Git is now at 2.12.2. When will the CentOS repository be updated with a newer git version package? There are new and improved capabilities available. Such as for shallow cloning. Which is very useful for working with large repositories. The yum repository support of Nexus Repository Manager Pro and Nexus Repository Manager OSS allows you to expose RPM packages hosted in a Maven repository in the yum repository format. It generates the yum metadata, so that systems with yum support can use the repository manager as a software package repository. We will also show you how to check whether a specific package is installed, count installed packages, and find out the version of an installed package. List Installed Packages with YumYUMYellow dog Updater, is the default CentOS package manager. It can be used to download, install, remove, query, and managing CentOS RPM software packages. Package name to run the equivalent of yum list --show-duplicates against. In addition to listing packages, use can also list the following: installed, updates, available and repos. This parameter is mutually exclusive with name. Let me show you some scenarios with examples to install old rpm or downgrading an rpm to specific version using rpm and yum. These steps are validated on RHEL / CentOS 7 Linux setup.

How to Find Version of Installed Packages on.

28/06/2011 · Our software comes in self-made rpm packages from a network-local yum repository. As bugs happen in software development, I sometimes want to downgrade to the previous release, so force the installation of a specific version of the package. Yum Yellowdog Updater Modified is a utility provided in RHEL based systems to install, remove and search packages. It can do a lot more than just installing and removing and that's what I will demonstrate in this article. Yum installs the package dependencies automatically, for example, yum. In this short tutorial, we will show you, how to list all installed packages with yum on CentOS 7.Yum is the default package manager used in CentOS, used to interact with both individual RPM package files and many repositories.

Every once in a while you may need to install a specific version of a package on your system. If you're using the yum package manager, it isn't blatantly obvious how to do this, even after pouring over the man pages. So let's do this thing. First, if you've already installed a newer version of []. Additional benefits. Will also list versions of packages for other versions of Ubuntu. Eg. if you want to know about the version of the package in Raring 13.04, but your system still has Precise 12.04, then this will provide a way to find it out. Handle cookbook_file and yum_package resources in the same recipe. When a cookbook_file resource and a yum_package resource are both called from within the same recipe, use the flush_cache attribute to dump the in-memory Yum cache, and then use the repository immediately to ensure that the correct package is installed. 1.2 Obtaining and Installing the UEK Packages 1.3 For More Information About the UEK 2 Yum 2.1 About Yum 2.2 About ULN 2.3 Yum Configuration 2.3.1 Configuring Use of a Proxy Server 2.3.2 Yum Repository Configuration 2.3.3 Downloading the Oracle Linux Yum Server Repository Files 2.3.4 Using Yum Utilities to Manage Configuration. Yum doesn't have it's own package type. Yum operates and helps manage RPMs. So, you can use yum to list the available RPMs and then run the rpm -qlp command to see the contents of that package.

Using EPEL repository you can install easily various packages on your system by configuring EPEL repository but this packages are not officially recommended by either CentOS or Red Hat but it provides lots of popular packages and apps. How to download a specific version of the package along with its dependencies using YUM offline. If there is a need to download the older version package along with its dependencies for an off-line installation, you can use one of the following options to download a particular version of RPM from the web, and then use yum to install it. Introduction. In this article we are going to discuss on how to configure local yum repository package manager on RHEL 7. YUM stands for Yellowpage Updater Modifier is for rpm package supportable Linux distros/Operating Systems ex: RHEL 5/6/7 and so on.

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