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Solaris rebooting from 'init 5' 807557 Jan 26, 2009 12:15 PM For some reason my solaris x86 10/08 install is now rebooting when i issue 'init 5', instead of halting and powering down. Solaris init states refer to the level of services provided by the system. The exact services and processes run at each init level are determined by the scripts in the /etc/rc.d directories. The default service levels for each init state are listed below. How do I shutdown a Solaris UNIX machine or server using command prompt. Reboot Vs Init 0/5/6 Vs Shutdown Vs Halt. halt1M brings down the machine to the PROM on SPARC immediately, with very little regard to running the scripts in /etc/rc[0-6].d to take things down cleanly. reboot1M is the same, except instead of just stopping the OS, it reboots the machine. init1M would run the scripts in /etc/rc[0-6].d to hopefully take down the running processes cleanly.

14/04/2008 · Hi, Check /etc/inittab for an entry corresponding to the run-level you want to init to. If you're running Solaris 10 earlier Solaris-es support this, too, you can still create an inittab entry for the run-levels you want to switch to, but this is doing things in 'LEGACY' mode: meaning, Sun is probably going to do away with direct manipulation of inittab and requre use of the SMF Some useful. During boot or shutdown, a number of legacy rc init scripts are being invoked. After kernel starts the svc.startd daemon during boot process, svc.startd daemon executes the rc scripts in the /sbin directory based upon the run level. Now with each run level has an associated script in the /sbin directory.

solaris 10 basic and administration commands,useful for doing certification in solaris 10 System administration. SCSA 200 and SCSA 202 exam material included with clear explanation. Solaris 10 5/08 "U5" added CPU capping for Solaris Containers, performance improvements, SpeedStep support for Intel processors and PowerNow! support for AMD processors. Solaris 10 10/08 "U6" added boot from ZFS and can use ZFS as its root file system.

In older distros the reboot command was forcing the processes to exit by issuing the SIGKILL signal still found in sources, can be invoked with -f option, in most recent distros it defaults to the more graceful and init friendly init 1 -> shutdown -r. This ensures that daemons clean up themselves before shutdown. init - Unix, Linux Command - telinit can also tell init how long it should wait between sending processes the SIGTERM and SIGKILL signals. The default is 5 seconds, but this can be changed with the -t sec option. telinit can be invoked only by users with appropriate privileges. The init binary checks if it is init or telinit by looking at its process id; the real init’s process id is always 1. what are init 0 init 1 init 2 init 3 init 4 init 5 init 6 init s init S init metc The best solution to know about these init levels is to understand the " man init " command output.

Solaris Init 5

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