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.serialize jQuery API Documentation.

The second method, as already mentioned is to simply get the value directly from the form element that you are trying to collect, rather than serialising the value. This can simply be achieve using the jQuery val method - this will get the entered value of the selector. The serialize method creates a URL encoded text string by serializing form values. You can select one or more form elements like input and/or text area, or the form element itself. The serialized values can be used in the URL query string when making an AJAX request. In this case, jQuery serializes the successful controls within the form. Only form elements are examined for inputs they contain, in all other cases the input elements to be serialized should be part of the set passed to the.serialize method. Selecting both the form and its children in a set will cause duplicates in the serialized string. You can create an auxiliar form using jQuery with the content of another form and then add thath form other params so you only have to serialize it in the ajax call.

Podcast: We chat with Major League Hacking about all-nighters, cup stacking, and therapy dogs. Listen now. Serialize form data to JSON [duplicate] Ask Question Asked 7 years, 3 months ago. Active 2 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 533k times 193. 64. This question already has an answer here: Convert form data to JavaScript object with jQuery 48 answers I want to do some pre-server-validation of a form in a Backbone.js model. To do this I need to get the user input from a form into usable data. I found. I would like to use Jquery to process the form on submit. I would also like to revert the form values to their previous values if something should go wrong. My question is How can I get the value of input box using Jquery? For example, I can get the value of the div with class "something" by doing. Form data can be serialized by both jQuery and JavaScript but, the major difference between them is that, jQuery’s serialize method returns form field values in top down sequence whereas, serialize JavaScript returns it in bottom up sequence. 定义和用法. serializeArray 方法通过序列化表单值来创建对象数组(名称和值)。 您可以选择一个或多个表单元素(比如 input 及/或 textarea),或者 form 元素本身。.

serialize 方法通过序列化表单值,创建 URL 编码文本字符串。 您可以选择一个或多个表单元素(比如 input 及/或 文本框),或者 form 元素本身。 序列化的值可在生成 AJAX 请求时用于 URL 查询字符串中。. In our example, the form name has an id "form". To get the value inside all of the input boxes, all we have to do is to select the form using the standard JQUERY select, and add the function "serialize". Always make sure to place all the serialize data with a variable as we have done in the example above. In our case we used the variable. jQuery serialize jQuery serialize method is used to create a text string in standard URL-encoded notation. It is used in form controls like ,