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A Dockerfile consists of a list of Docker commands. In the example above, there are three steps: Line 1 bases the image on an existing image called ubuntu. You can do this independently of which system you’re running Docker on. Line 2 installs a program named cowsay. Line 3 prepares a command that runs cowsay when the image is executed. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Please be sure to answer the question.Provide details and share your research! But avoid. Asking for. What is PyPy? PyPy is a Python interpreter and just-in-time compiler. PyPy focuses on speed, efficiency and compatibility with the original CPython interpreter. PyPy started out as a Python interpreter written in the Python language itself. Current PyPy versions are translated from RPython to C code and compiled. The PyPy JIT short for "Just.

←Home About Posts Series Subscribe How I Dockerize My Flask App With Pypy and Supervisord December 19, 2018 Python Flask Engineering. There are bunch of ways how to deploy your Flask application, it can be directly with Flask’s built in http server or use UWSGI as gateway interface, with or without Nginx as your HTTP frontend. Using the following Dockerfile ```Dockerfile FROM pypy:3-5.8.0 RUN pip install regex ENTRYPOINT ["pypy3"] ``` This installs the following version of regex: `Successfully installed regex-2017.9.23` If I then try to import regex in this environment, e.g. `docker build -t test. && docker run --rm test -c "import regex"`, I get the following error: ``` Traceback most recent call last: File. Download the big image. Travis2docker uses a default image with many packages pre-installed. docker pull vauxoo/odoo-80-image-shippable-auto. Note: You can define a custom image to use with –docker-image parameter. For example if you want use the original image of.

PyPy is a fast, compliant alternative implementation of the Python language. Did a try to setup matplotlib for PyPy in Docker container with Ubuntu 14.04 to run Multi Mechanize load test tool. Good news: NumPy can be easily installed for PyPy. Bad news: matplotlib failed to install most likely due lack of NumPy's C-API. If anyone have workaround for building matplotlib for PyPy I would happy to get your suggestions.

My Dockerfile using a pypy base fails with FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'llvm-config' when installing llvmlite, a dependency of numba which is listed in my requirements.t. Since this was going to be an application that uses Python and Flask, I could use any of the Python base images or the Pypy base images that are publicly available. I decided to try using pypy3 for my base image so my Dockerfile starts with the following: FROM pypy:3.

install anaconda dockerfile install anaconda digitalocean install anaconda distribution of python install anaconda dependencies anaconda install django anaconda install downloaded package install.

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