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8.2 Conditional Compilation if, ifdef, ifndef, else, elif, endif, and defined. Six directives are available to control conditional compilation. They delimit blocks of program text that are compiled only if a specified condition is true. $ cc ifdef_directive.c $./a.out Area of circle: 200 C ifdef, elif and else directive. This elif is similar like else if statements. ifdef directive condition fails then checks elif condition and includes chunk of code if elif condtion is true. elif directive syntax. ifdef can be used with built-in token identifiers set by the compiler to indicate that additional functionality is available. For instance, the __cplusplus macro is defined in C but not C; you can use this fact to mix C and C code using an ifdef statement: ifdef __cplusplus // C code else // C code endif Related C preprocessor tutorial.

C Language: ifdef Directive. This C tutorial explains how to use the ifdef preprocessor directive in the C language. Description. In the C Programming Language, the ifdef directive allows for conditional compilation. The preprocessor determines if the provided macro exists before including the subsequent code in the compilation process. Syntax. "if one" means that if "define one" has been written "if one" is executed otherwise "ifndef one" is executed. This is just the C Pre-Processor CPP Directive equivalent of the if, then, else branch statements in the C language. C Pre-Processors, if, define, elseif, endif and include - Free tutorial and references for ANSI C Programming. You will learn ISO GNU K and R C99 C Programming computer language in easy steps. C is the most popular system programming and widely used computer language in the computer world. else 与if, ifdef, ifndef对应, 若这些条件不满足,则执行else之后的语句,相当于C语法中的else endif if, ifdef, ifndef这些条件命令的结束标志. defined 与if, elif配合使用,判断某个宏是否被定义.

C语言if、ifdef、ifndef的用法详解,C语言条件编译详解 < 上一页 C语言中几个预定义宏 error命令,阻止程序编译 下一页 >. 물론, 한덩어리의 형태라면 else를 써도 되고, 다양한 선택사양이 있다면, elif 를 중복사용해도 된다. ifdef 도 마찬가지로 쓸 수 있다. 이때는 앞에 define DEBUG 만 있으면 되고, 이 매크로를 삭제해버리면 컴파일 안되게 할 수 있다. ifndef 하고도 잘 섞어서 쓰면. ifdefやifndefでelse ifを使う場合は、elifを利用する。 if defined マクロ名 ~ elif defined マクロ名 ~ else ~ endif. もしくは、 ifdef マクロ名 ~ elif defined マクロ名 ~ else ~ endif. とする。 最終更新日 2008-04-23. 本文中のFC4はFedora ProjectのFedora Core 4を、FC5はFedora Core 5を、FC6はFedora Core 6をopenSUSEは.

4. Conditionals. A conditional is a directive that instructs the preprocessor to select whether or not to include a chunk of code in the final token stream passed to the compiler. Preprocessor conditionals can test arithmetic expressions, or whether a name is defined as a macro, or both simultaneously using the special defined operator. A conditional in the C preprocessor resembles in some.

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