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Notes. Note: apache_setenv can be paired up with apache_getenv across separate pages or for setting variables to pass to Server Side Includes.shtml that have been included in PHP scripts. apache setenvif doesn't set env variable if checked against HTTP Header. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 11 months ago. but then from Apache SetEnvIf trouble and from my testing trying to set an environment var by checking the Authorization header, the ENV_SET won't be set at all. SetEnvIf only sets the env variable ENV_SET for the following Remote_Host Remote_Addr Server_Addr. This manual page is unclear as to whether it will fetch Apache configuration environment variables set by "SetEnv" including "SetEnvIf[NoCase]" or "BrowserMatch" e.g. as the only example given is with a pre-defined CGI interface variable which is also available via the $_SERVER[] array.

I need to know how these environment variables need to be set for the application to work correctly. I am not sure how to set this up on Apache. Also, I need to be able to configure separate environment variables for each domain separately. Please advice on how can I achieve this. Basic Environment Manipulation. The most basic way to set an environment variable in Apache is using the unconditional SetEnv directive. Variables may also be passed from the environment of the shell which started the server using the PassEnv directive. Conditional Per-Request Settings.

Environment variables in Apache/PHP can be tricky, especially when PHP code running in mod_php calls a command-line PHP script. Apache has its own “environment variables”, which can be set via the httpd configuration directive SetEnv. But these are not environment variables in the standard Linux sense. They will not be passed to child processes invokedContinue reading Apache, PHP, and. SetEnv is a directive for mod_env, and mod_env doesn't support %ENV:var -- only mod_rewrite does this. Don't forget that apache is modular, and modules define their own directives. Apache's SetEnv directive just defines a variable that PHP or Perl scripts can use, for example they show up in PHP's $_SERVER[] global array. SetEnv, nor it's cousins, have have anything to do with use of variables in Apache directives. Linux setenv command help and information with setenv examples, syntax, related commands and how to use the setenv command from the command line.

ApacheのSetEnvで設定した環境変数は、 RewriteCond, SetEnvIf など環境変数を参照するディレクティブから参照できないです。 これは、随分前からあることなんですが、日本語訳が2.4まで行われなかったことに起因して、これだけ情報がないんでしょうね。. SERVER_NAME is the name defined in the apache configuration. HTTP_HOST is the host header sent by the client when using the more recent versions of the http protocol. up. down. 0 Anonymous ¶ 8 months ago. It is worth noting that since getenv'MY_VARIABLE' will return false when the variable given is not set, there is no direct way to distinguish between a variable that is unset and one that. Notas. Nota: apache_setenv pode ser pareado com apache_getenv entre páginas diferentes para configurar variáveis a repassar em Server Side Includes.shtml, repassando dados incluídos em. La fonction setenv ajoute la variable name dans l'environnement, en lui attribuant la valeur value, si name n'existe pas encore. Si name existe déjà dans l'environnement, alors sa valeur est modifiée en value si overwrite est non nul; si overwrite vaut zéro, la valeur de name n'est pas modifiée.

Using variables in Apache config files to reduce duplication? Ask Question Asked 10 years,. Viewed 89k times 68. 21. Is it possible to use variables in Apache config files? For example, when I'm setting up a site with DjangoWSGI, the config file might look like. When you set a server environment variable in your Apache settings, it's possible to read that variable from PHP using built in functions. But can you read the variable from an htaccess file? Wha. apache_setenv does not work for this case. phpnotes at kipu dot co dot uk 04-Jun-2003 02:34 If you set a variable, either new or existing, the corresponding $_SERVER variable is not changed, and you will have to change it as well. sixxgate at yahoo dot com 22-Jan-2003 11:56 When you want to set variables to pass to Server Side Includes.shtml included in PHP scripts, use this.

05/04/2006 · when apache start as service i cant change PATH = i try use mod_env, but PATH not Changed ____ SetEnv PATH C:\prj\web\oracle SetEnv NLS_LANG AMERICAN_AMERICA.CL8MSWIN1251. If you want to set a specific system-enviroment variable in apache, you must set it in the start skript since non-interactive shells do not use /etc/profile. man bash explains this. If you want an apache-internal enviroment variable you set it in the apache config via SetEnv. All this has nothing to do with mod_wsgi. – tim Oct 22 '12 at 23:57.

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